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Lowe's Hiring Full Time Union-Buster

The company posted a job for someone to lead their union avoidance team

AFGE Wins Huge Contract Battle Against Trump

EPA workers get a fair contract after Trump tried to force a one-sided anti-union contract on them

NLRB Announces Reorganization Plan

The board is stripping Western Regional Directors of their power and redirecting cases

Podcast: Labor's Strategy to Elect Joe Biden

Plus can you trust the mailman, Trump isn't the first unfit President, and worker centers are under attack

NYC School Plan Puts Teachers at Risk

The UFT wants a plan that increases testing and tracing and closes schools when there is a positive case

Worker Centers Under Attack

Freedom Foundation pushes US DOL to shut them down and deport

Immigration Judges have Right to Bargain

Judges won important case vs. Trump that upholds their right to organize

Trump: Not the first unfit President

Harding killed Unionists, Grant banned Jews and Jackson Murdered 4,000 Indians, what did Trump do?

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