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Corporate Greed

Congress Proposes Protections for Tipped Workers

A bill with bi-partisan support would protect tips from being stolen by employers

State Politics

Closing the Prevailing Wage Loophole

Union Trades members lobby lawmakers in Albany on closing a loophole which undermines prevailing wage


Students, Teachers and Union Leaders Say Enough is Enough

Thousands of school districts participated in a National Walkout to remember the students lost in Parkland and to call for an end to gun violence

National Politics

Unions Propel Conor Lamb to Razor Thin Victory

Union members in Western PA turned out to defeat a Right to Work supporter in the 18th Congressional District

Build Union

Indiana's Repeal of the Prevailing Wage has been a Disaster

After Trump's VP Mike Pence repealed prevailing wage, the wages for low skilled workers has fallen by 15%

State Politics

Teachers Threaten Strike in Kentucky Over Pension Cuts

Inspired by the West Virginia teachers strike, educators in Kentucky drove to the capital to fight a proposal that would have decimated their pensions.

National Politics

IBEW Testifies on the State of the Nation's Electrical Grid

With little upgrades since the 1970's our electrical grid is outdated and inefficient


The Bad Man in the School Drill

We have let our nation's children down and this Wednesday they will be showing us the way

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