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Corporate Greed

American Airlines Exploits Catering Workforce

Nation watches as thousands take action during busy Thanksgiving holiday to demand fairness


How Google is Union Busting

The tech company used trumped up charges to fire 4 union organizers


ICE to Deport Hard Rock Whistleblower

Trump's ICE working to deport him before he speaks with OSHA about the deadly collapse


The NLRB is a Hostile Work Environment

The department tasked with protecting labor is breaking labor law

State Politics

VA Gov: No Action to Repeal Right to Work

The Governor affirmed union fears that he will block a repeal

Corporate Greed

AOC & Bernie Expose Bright Power Firings

The elected officials used their huge social media presence to publicly shame the company


Fired for Unionizing at Solar Facility

Plus, Trump kicks union out of VA, Bloomberg spends $100M on anti-Trump ads, and Janus won't go away

Corporate Greed

Bright Power Fires Workers for Organizing

The solar company fired their employees just weeks before the holidays for organizing with Local 3 IBEW

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