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Corporate Greed

Easter Agreement Ends Stop and Shop Strike

The late night agreement ends an 11 day strike that cost the company $20 million a day


FTC Investigating Zuckerberg

The AP is reporting that the FTC is seeking oversight of Mark Zuckerberg's leadership of Facebook


Butts, Boobs, Bernie, and Becky

Plus audio from the Stop & Shop Strike. Download the Podcast today


Let the Kids Play

MLB launches new ad campaign reminding us that baseball is still a kids game


Sanctuary Union Stands Up To Trump

The Teamsters have become a sanctuary union after Trump tried to deport one of their members

State Politics

Illinois Bans Right to Work

The Democratic Governor signed the ban after it was vetoed by his Republican predecessor


Union Teachers Giving Back in Kenya

A Long Island teacher has spent the last 15 years helping educate orphans in Kenya and uniting two teachers unions

Corporate Greed

Becky Friedrichs' Book is Stupid

Friedrich's on tour to teach union busting, but does anyone care?

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