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State Politics

Michigan Law Revokes Your Unions' CBA

Michigan proposes law to overturn public employee contracts in time of fiscal crisis

National Politics

Davis-Bacon Repeal Defeated (Kinda)

Steve King's (R-IA) attempt to sneak Davis-Bacon repeal into an appropriations bill was defeated, but he still has a standalone repeal bill in Congress

State Politics

SEIU Leader Runs for Iowa Governor

Cathy Glasson, President of SEIU Local 199, has announced she will be running to combat the Right to Work Republicans in Iowa


Sinclair Forces Pro-Trump Segments on Stations

The Providence Journal reports that IBEW locals are complaining that Sinclair Broadcasting is forcing local stations to air Trump Propaganda

Good Jobs Now

A Tale of 3 Strikes

Telecom's in New York and Auto Workers in Canada Strike while Auto Mechanics in Chicago go back to work


North Carolina AFL-CIO Elects First Female President

At their 60th Convention, the North Carolina AFL-CIO elected MaryBe McMillan to be their next president


New York Teamsters Become a Sanctuary Union

Following the deportation of one of their members, the union will not cooperate with ICE and will support immigrant members with legal services and advocacy


Why I'm Marching Across the Brooklyn Bridge

The 6-month strike against Spectrum has gone on long enough and all eyes will be on New York

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