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Corporate Greed

50,000 Could Go on Strike in Vegas

If management doesn't get their act together, June will be a tough month in the Sin City

Good Jobs Now

New Jersey Saves Clean Nuke Jobs

After a 9 month long battle, IBEW Local 94 gets Governor Murphy to do the right thing

National Politics

UCOMM Releases Janus Educational Websites

In preparation for the death blow to come, we have compiled good info to help union leaders keep the lights on

Corporate Greed

Executive Pay Gap Continues to Grow

CEO's made 361 times as much as their workforce and that's not slowing down

National Politics

A Better Deal for Teachers

Democrats in DC release plan to increase funding for teacher salaries and schools

National Politics

Separating Families is not Policy

The tragic turn in U.S. treatment of immigrants at the border will haunt us

National Politics

Another Bad Decision Out of Trump’s Supreme Court

The Epic System case really hurts the working man

Corporate Greed

CWA Authorizes Strike Against AT&T

The CWA takes action to speed up contract talks while filing an Unfair Labor Practice Charge against the Company

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