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South Dakota: No Bargaining for College Professors

The state wants to become the sixth state to ban collective bargaining

Virginia Set to Restore Collective Bargaining Rights

Thirty years ago public employees lost the right to bargain and have suffered since

Why do The Young Turks Hate Unions?

The real question is who are The Young Turks

Wages Stagnate for Workers

As productivity continues to increase, wages fail to keep up

AFT Announces Presidential Endorsement

The union decided to support Sanders, Warren, and Biden

CWA: Cut off Democrats Who Voted Against PRO Act

The union wants the DCCC to stop supporting the 7 members who voted against the bill

Kickstarter Employees Vote to Join Union

The victory is one of the first at a major tech firm

Trump: "Opt Out of Your Union"

The ruling would allow federal workers to stop paying dues at anytime during the year

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