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Missouri adds 46,000 New Union Members

20 other states, many Right to Work, also saw increases


NewsGuild Dennounces Rules to Stifle Journalists During Impeachment

The union is opposed to the Senate rules that limit their ability to cover the impeachment trial


Barstool Settles with NLRB

A four month investigation has been settled with minimal penalties

Good Jobs Now

New Jersey Cracks Down on Misclassifying Workers

The state has passed a series of new laws to enact penalties for bosses who misclassify their employees


Preventing Employees from Being Microchipped

An Indiana lawmaker is proposing a ban on forced microchipping by employers


MLK in Pictures

Imagery of how he brought labor into the civil rights fight

Corporate Greed

Trump’s NLRB: No Union Stickers at Work

The board has made an important decision giving employers more rights


IBEW Teams with OSHA to Keep Workers Safe

The IBEW is stepping in to help with an OSHA inspector shortage

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