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We Must Re-Instill Democracy in our Culture

AFL-CIO leader reminds us of Dr. King's fight and how we must take it up to save our nation

Corporate Greed

Another Trump Con: Foxconn Doesn't Meet Hiring Goal

The company failed to meet hiring requirements and warned they may not create the 13,000 promised jobs

National Politics

The Children of Parents who Hate

Why what happened in DC between MAGA kids and tribal leaders is deeper then just a misunderstanding

State Politics

NJ Leaders Agree on a Deal for a $15 Minimum Wage

NJ will become the fourth state to pass a $15 minimum wage


UCOMM Live: Should the TSA go on Strike?

LA teachers strike, Dems want a $15 minimum wage and Snoop calls out Trump. Download the podcast on Stitcher, iTunes, Spotify and Tunein

National Politics

Let them Vote Mitch

One man has the power to end the shutdown, but Mitch McConnell is refusing to even allow a vote in the Senate

Corporate Greed

Verizon Wireless Exposed for Union Busting

Internal documents show that the company attempted to encourage anti-union rhetoric and disparage unions

National Politics

Truck Drivers Get their Day in Court

In a surprise decision, the Supreme court unanimously ruled to limit arbitration agreements, giving workers their day in court

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