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National Politics

Repeal of Trump's Tax on Union Dues Stalls in Senate

The bill would repeal tax increases on union members and traveling workers

Corporate Greed

The Koch Brothers Plan to Destroy Unions

The Guardian releases a 28 page toolkit from the Koch Brothers advising far-right groups on how to get union members to opt out

State Politics

Teachers Walkout In North Carolina

Demanding more school funding and better wages, tens of thousands of North Carolina teachers march on the capitol

Build Union

Count Me In: The Video

A rally call by labor leaders and the Governor to end open shop


AFL-CIO Launches Freedom to Join

Fighting back against Janus, the AFL-CIO launches a new site to explain why union members should be free to join a union

Corporate Greed

Uber's Union Busting Playbook

Uber releases a podcast to stop a union effort in Seattle, as Lyft drivers at Disney win the right to organize

Good Jobs Now

AFL-CIO Highlights the Need for Infrastructure Investment

During Infrastructure week, union leaders and politicians are calling on Washington to invest in our nation's bloodline

State Politics

Missouri Rushing the "Race to the Bottom"

In an unprecedented move, Missouri GOP pushes Right-to-Work onto Primary Ballot

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