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National Politics

Imagery of Trump Ripping Families Apart

Like the Gestapo in Nazi Germany, is ICE going too far

National Politics

Norcross: Future of Work, Wages and Labor

Four members of Congress with strong union ties work to bring the Dems back to their roots

AFL-CIO chief denounces Trump's "spirited defense of racism and bigotry" National Politics

AFL-CIO Does the Right Thing

Politico and CBS report that America's largest labor organization pulls out of Trump's Manufacturing Council


Nokona Gloves: Made in the USA

A small brick Texas building is the home of the last American ball glove

National Politics

AFL-CIO needs to exit Manufacturing Council

It’s better to be at the table then on the menu, but labor is getting eating alive and now is the time to make a move


Teamsters vs. Top Chef: Not Guilty

The AP reports that Teamsters acquitted of threats, extortion of 'Top Chef' crew

State Politics

A Dumb Move

Maine’s largest public employee union bargains-in Right to Work in their contract. WTF.


"Pack your Knives and Go" Bravo!

Top Chef tries to hire non-union and bribe the Teamsters

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