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National Politics

Federal Workers Fear Government Shutdown

With just hours to go before a government shutdown, federal workers face uncertainty


The Freedom Foundation is Coming for Your Members

A look at the anti-union group that is knocking on doors to convince union members to stop paying their dues


The NLRB Is Going to Suck Until 2020

Trump's latest NLRB pick will give Republicans control of the Board until at least 2020

National Politics

Trump Proposes Ending Federal Pensions

The IBEW reports that Trump wants to stop pensions, end raises and take away paid holidays for federal workers


UCOMM Ed: Beck Notices

What is a Beck Notice and why do they need to be posted?


MLK Day is Our Day

This holiday embodies all that unions stand for, and the AFL-CIO in their blog showed us exactly how they backed the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Murdered for Supporting a Strike

AFSCME Local 1733 still exists, UCOMM looks at MLK's last stand

National Politics

Howard Stern: Run a Union Leader for President

Trump's Janus, the AFL-CIO Survey and Howard's statement; it's time to bring back UCOMM Radio

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