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AFL-CIO to Trump: Stop Trade Talks with Philippines

The AFL-CIO and CWA want to stop a trade deal over the country's crackdown on unions


UCOMM Live: Delta Sucks & Problems at the AFL-CIO

Plus wage and benefit victories from state to state, breaking up Facebook, and how to get an Alabama abortion.

Corporate Greed

Heartbreak at Kickstarter

Fundraising company, who claims to be not-for-profit, digging in against employee union organization

National Politics

Jay Inslee Talks Card Check

Washington's Jay Inslee, Prez candidate, is the first to talk about the card check recognition process


Workers Sue Trump Over Union Dues

SEIU members are suing Trump after he passed a rule to make automatic dues deduction illegal for home health aides

Good Jobs Now

LA Times Walkout

Staff at the LA Times held their second walkout over stalled negotiations

Corporate Greed

IAM Files Charges Against Delta for Union Busting

The airline is accused of union busting after they told employees to buy a game system instead of paying union dues

Good Jobs Now

Raises and Bonuses Aren't Enough

Facebook is offering raises to their content reviewers & Amazon is offering bonuses to employees, but they also need a union and health care

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