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Organizing Victories in TV, Sales and Construction

Across industries, workers are saying Yes to joining a union


Body Cams for Safety

After an assault on a train, union calls for voluntary body cams

State Politics

Washington D.C. Voters May End the Tipped Minimum Wage

A ballot proposal would eliminate the tipped minimum wage and require everyone to pay the $15 minimum wage

National Politics

Trump Supports National Right to Work Bill

In a letter to supporters, Senator Rand Paul says that Trump has personally assured him he will sign a national Right to Work bill


CWA Organizing Blitz Signs Up 100 New Members

The CWA brought in organizers from across the country to convert agency fee payers into full members


Teamsters Demand Safe Schools in the City of Brotherly Love

The city has seen an increase in school violence including attacks on staff and administrators

National Politics

From Protest to Politics

CWA leaders meet in DC to lobby future Presidential candidates on labor issues


Teamsters Call on Trump to Stop Canadian Tariffs

Citing the long relationship between the two countries, the Teamsters are calling for an end to the personal attacks and a permanent exemption from tariffs for Canada

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