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State Politics

Union Re-Certification Bill very real in Michigan

Republicans year-end effort to weaken bargaining, a death blow to unions


Trump White Nationalist Gets Life Sentence

The racist nut who murdered Heather Heyer in Charlottesville to die in prison

Corporate Greed

The Middle Class is Out of Reach for 60% of Americans

A new study finds that even in this strong economy, working people are falling further behind


Organizing Victories in PA, Iowa, and Missouri

Employees in water distribution, college students and warehouse workers have all voted to join a union

National Politics

Trump's Supreme Court's Next Attack: Collective Bargaining

In another MAGA promise, the Highest Court in the land will hear a case challenging exclusive bargaining rights in 2019


What the heck is going on in France?!

French citizens are taking to the streets in opposition to labor reforms and higher taxes


Spectrum NYC / Chicago Charter Strike and Grobin's crappy music

Privatizing the US Mail and understanding media literacy with Local 3's Lenny Copicotto


A Tribute to Ed Hill: A Visionary

As the IBEW lays him to rest, here is what they have to say about a great American Union Leader

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UCOMM Live: Kentucky Gov. Wants to Break the Backs of Teachers