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National Politics

Trump's Trade Deal In Danger

Politico reports that without the AFL-CIO's support Trump's NAFTA is in trouble


UCOMM Live: Walmart Buys the Democrats?

Plus 1 Million in Raises in Missouri and Arkansas. Download the podcast on Stitcher, iTunes, Spotify and Tunein


CNN Sues Trump

The news organization is suing to get their White House reporter re-instated

State Politics

Pay Lifted for 1 Million Workers

Missouri and Arkansas voters have raised their state's minimum wages giving raises to over 1 million people


Constant Organizing Protects IBEW from Janus

Preemptive organizing by IBEW locals has limited the impact of the Janus ruling

Good Jobs Now

Could Amazon's Move to NYC Turn the Company Union?

Setting up an HQ in NYC could be the catalyst towards organizing Amazon


Firefighters' Union Hose Trump

After attacking California Firefighters on Twitter, union leaders had some choice words for Trump

National Politics

It's Time to Fire Nancy Pelosi

If Democrats want to win in 2020 they need to get rid of Nancy Pelosi in 2019

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