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Teamsters: Consider Wages & Safety in Supply Chain Issues

The union tells House Panel how to fix supply issues

Scranton Teachers Strike Enters Third Week

Teachers have not had a contract or raises in five years

Chicago Police: Fire Bigot Union Prez

In 3rd attempt Chicago PD trying to dismiss controversial union President

Burgerville: First Union Fast Food Contract

Workforce voting in first CBA in the US fast food industry

Erikson: "We are In Trouble"

Would you trade a good union job for a wall and Right to Work?

This Strikesgiving Hold the Line

Tom Morello (feat grandson) releases new music video in support of striking workers

Laborers Union Runs Alt-Right Out of Times Square

Local 79 members ran off alt-right provocateurs at NYC immigration rally

Vote Begins on Historic Starbucks Union Election

Three stores in Buffalo are voting to join Workers United, SEIU

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A report from the Kelloggs Picket Line