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Season in Jeopardy as MLBPA Rejects 80% Salary Cut

The owners proposed a sliding wage scale that pits lower paid players against superstars

AFL-CIO Endorses Joe Biden

The 55 unions of the AFL-CIO voted to endorse the former Senator and Vice President

Trump Makes Massive Cuts to Federal Regulations

An executive order gives him the ability to cut any regulations that he believes will slow the economic recovery

Why we should all fear Carpenters Local 57

How this non-affiliated union is raiding shops in St. Louis and undermining the entire union movement

Podcast: How to Stop a Carpenter Union Raid

Plus find out how New Jersey is dealing with record unemployment

Save the News

CWA launches a campaign to save local newsrooms

Trump Flag / Union Logo Don't Mix

IBEW in NYC tries to make sense of a backward thought process

VA Union Sues to Stop Trump Appointed Board

The board is made up of anti-union appointees who are trying to unilaterally force a contract on the VA

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