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Teamsters Refuse to Deliver GM Vehicles

Hoffa announces Teamsters support for strike and promises to honor the picket line


SharpieGate, Weatherman, & Drug Hub App

Plus an interview with the AFL-CIO's Liz Schuler and remembering 9/11


Gallup Union Poll: 50 Year High

The IBEW reports on a Gallup poll that shows support for unions continues to increase


Kickstarter Fires Employees for Talking Union

Slate reports the crowdfunding platform has fired two organizers in the last eight days

Corporate Greed

Corporate Raider Targets AT&T Workers

CWA opposes the Trump backed move to put shareholders' interests over the workers


9/11 Reminder: Come Together Again

During these trivial times we shouldn’t need another disaster to unify as a nation


CWA Honors those lost on 9/11

Union offers a solemn tribute by listing by name those lost

National Politics

Under Trump More Americans Uninsured

Over 27 million lack coverage as White House works to increase that number with repeals

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