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State Politics

Statewide Teachers Strike Closes all Schools in West Virginia

Teachers across the state walked out in protest of wage freezes and higher insurance costs

Corporate Greed

Who is Funding Janus?

Economic Policy Institute exposes the rats behind the mayhem to weaken America's unions

Good Jobs Now

Amy Poehler Calls for an Increase to the Tipped Wage

The actress endorses the One Fair Wage Campaign as she talks about her time as a waitress

State Politics

States Fail to Enforce the Minimum Wage

A 9 month study by Politico found rampant disregard for enforcing their minimum wage laws

National Politics

UCOMM Explains Deficit Spending

Your paycheck is bigger because Trump is running up the debt

National Politics

Unions Key as Pennsylvania Special Election Nears

The race to fill southwestern Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional seat ends March 13 and tens of thousands of union members will play an outsize role in determining the winner.


Not One More

The Badass Teachers are taking action after the latest school shooting


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