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National Politics

Trump's NLRB Makes it Harder to Join a Union

NLRB votes to repeal speedy election rule, giving companies more time to bust the union

State Politics

Alabama by the Numbers

With 650,000 voting for child molester Roy Moore, we have some stats that explain why

Corporate Greed

The Trump Tip Con

A new DOL rule would make the tips you leave your server property of the restaurant

State Politics

Prevailing Wage on the Ballot in Michigan

Will once fooled voters in Right to Work Michigan make another dumb mistake?


Union Busting on the Set of Norma Rae

A casting director has been let go for asking for union rights on the set of Broadway's Norma Rae

Build Union

New Facebook Data Center Being Built Union

A new data center in New Mexico will provide thousands of union construction trades jobs, boosting a struggling sector


Spies on Strike

An AP Report: Only in Slovenia is this actual news


3,000 City Workers on Strike in Oakland

SEIU members strike in Oakland over unfair labor practices and being replaced by temporary workers

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