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AFL-CIO Looking for a New Direction

In the era of Trump, NYS AFL-CIO puts out survey to solicit direction on the future of their organization

National Politics

How Trump is Trying to Kill Union Organizing Drives

Trump repeals the Persuader Rule and will be rolling back child labor laws just weeks after handing us Janus v. AFSCME.

Corporate Greed

What is a Trade War and Are We In One?

The AFL-CIO explains what a trade war is and how it can be used to help working people


Contract Agreement Reached a Year Early at Verizon

The tentative agreement will mean labor peace at the telecom giant through 2023


CWA Joins the Fight to Break Up Facebook

Citing concerns about the monopoly they have and their failure to protect user data, the CWA is calling on the FTC to break up the company

National Politics

Trumka to Dems: Don't Count on Our Blind Support

He warned Democratic candidates that union support is not a guarantee just because they are Dems

State Politics

Media Calls Out Koch on Right to Work Mailer

In an editorial, the Kansas City Star calls out a fake news mailer from the Koch Brothers and explains the fallacy of Right to Work


NFLPA Files Grievance to Stop NFL Anthem Policy

The Players Association wants to prevent the league from penalizing players who kneel during the National Anthem

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