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The infamous UCOMM 5 pm text

It must be around 5 pm when your phone jingles or vibrates and you get that text from UCOMM Blog. Coming from 313131, the latest and greatest union news from around the nation is sent for your reading pleasure. But that’s not the only reason we shoot you our stories in a quick, easy, modern (and expensive) fashion. We do this to help make you all better labor communicators, organizers, and leaders because we are all essentially union organizers.
Sometimes, or oftentimes, we have to put out bad news. It’s not all rosy out there. Politicians and the corporations who bought them are hell-bent on eliminating unions and collective bargaining, so when shots are fired and the bad guys win, we let you know. We also give union leaders a platform, a means to get their message out to an even larger audience. We share best practices as well, when a UCOMM Client or a labor organization does something good, we share that. What we really love to report is union organizing drives, legislative victories, and guest opinion pieces. This diversity in news reporting and recycling makes UCOMM, and our 5 pm workweek text, one of the best in the nation.
So sign up now for free and add your friends and colleagues cell numbers as well because your union communicates best when you say UCOMM yes!
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