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Call for Work Stopage over Kenya Election

The LA Times reports that a strike has been called in Kenya after the recent election

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Aug 14, 2017

Every now and then we like to give world news to show the power of unions. Here is a story about a proposed work stoppage in Kenya over the disputed election. We haven’t had a national  work stoppage in a while in the United States. Imagine what would have happened if we decided to not go to work after we found out that 2 million more people decided to vote against Trump. We would have a much different country now. -Kris LaGrange

Kenya’s main opposition leader, Raila Odinga, addressed rallies of cheering supporters in two Nairobi strongholds Sunday and called for a work stoppage to protest the deaths of at least 24 people in post-election clashes with police.

“Tomorrow there is no work,” Odinga told supporters gathered in Kibera, a slum district of the capital. “We predicted they would steal the election, and that's what happened. We are not done yet. We will not give up.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta was reelected Tuesday by a margin of 1.4 million votes, according to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission. But a coalition of opposition parties says it has evidence of irregularities during the vote count and maintains that Odinga is the rightful winner.

Senior figures in the opposition National Super Alliance have ruled out a legal challenge, despite calls from international observers to resolve their complaints in court.

Calm returned to most of Odinga’s strongholds Sunday after police used live ammunition to quell protests and rioting that erupted when the official results were announced late Friday, according to Kenyan human rights observers. But there were reports of clashes between rival ethnic groups in at least one Nairobi slum after nightfall.

Manoah Esipisu, a presidential spokesman, warned that any further unrest would be dealt with by police.

“The violent protests are unlawful, so let me be perfectly clear here: The police will not tolerate breaches of the peace,” he said. “Instead, they will protect the lives and property of Kenyans, and they will restore law and order.”

Esipisu said Kenyans had made their choice and elected Kenyatta.

“It remains for us to reflect on the results and to unite in building the country,” he said. “It’s now time for us all to get back to work and move this country forward.”

Odinga, however, accused Kenyatta’s political alliance, Jubliee, of killing innocent protesters.


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