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Google Demands Contractors Pay $15/Hr

But is the $15/hr with health benefits demand, code for avoiding union organizing?

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Apr 03, 2019

Politico's Morning Shift is reporting that thanks to the organizing efforts of their staff, contractors will now be required to pay a living wage and benefits, although they will not require their contractors to be union. Read more below from Morning Shift.

Google said Tuesday that it will require its contractors to pay "health benefits, sick leave, a $15 minimum wage, paid parental leave, and $5,000 a year for education," the Hill reports. The announcement came after more than 900 Google workers signed a letter pressing the company on the treatment of Google temps, vendors, and contract employees, noting that this last group accounts for 54 percent of Google's workforce. The tech giant's employees have been increasingly vocal in recent months. Some 20,000 walked out of their offices in November to protest the company's reportedly shielding one of its software creators following a credible sexual assault allegation. Organizers of the walkout have since created a Twitter account called "Google Walkout for Real Change" and joined lawmakers on Capitol Hill in February to back legislation barring companies from compelling employees to take workplace disputes to private arbitration.

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