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LA Times Guild

LA Times Walkout

Staff at the LA Times held their second walkout over stalled negotiations

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May 15, 2019

Employees at the LA Times have been holding lunchtime walkouts to jumpstart negotiations. Find out more below from Politico.

Staffers at the Los Angeles Times Tuesday staged their second lunchtime walkout in recent weeks over stalled contract negotiations, according to the LA Times Guild. "The @latimes has said for months they wanted to move quickly on our first contract," The Guild tweeted Tuesday. "Instead, they're sitting on their hands on key issues like severance pay and outsourcing our work to contractors — the very protections we unionized to create." In April more than 100 members participated in another walkout over the slow pace of contract talks, which started in August, Kristina Bui, vice chair of the LA Times Guild and a member of the bargaining committee told Morning Shift last month.

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