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NFLPA Explains Benefits of CBA

The union is pushing back on opposition to the deal

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Feb 29, 2020

Yesterday, UCOMM reported about some high profile players announcing their opposition to the collective bargaining agreement. Now NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith is speaking publicly about why he thinks the deal is good. Check out more below from Newsday.

DeMaurice Smith understands there is disagreement among many NFL players about the prospects of a 17-game regular season, but the NFLPA’s executive director believes there are plenty of merits to the proposed collective bargaining agreement that will soon be voted on by the union’s members.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the team’s player representative, have publicly proclaimed that they will vote against the deal.

“Democracy is sometimes kind of messy, and I know that sometimes it plays out that way,” Smith told a group of reporters at the NFL Combine Thursday. “Optimism is based on the fact that I believe in the democratic process.”

Smith wouldn’t predict whether the deal would pass, but he said players on the lower end of the salary spectrum would see an immediate benefit if the proposed 10-year agreement is adopted.

“For those 60 percent [of players who make close to the league minimum salary], those players end up with a $100,000 raise that goes into effect [if the deal passes],” he said. “Remember, this is a deal that raises our percentage [of NFL revenues] from 47 percent over the life of the [current] deal to a 48-percent share of revenue from year to year [in the proposed CBA]. From a monetary sense, that is somewhere between a $3 and $5 billion increase over the life of the deal.”

Smith understands the reluctance of going to a 17-game season, even if that means the league’s preseason would be reduced from four games to three.

“No player would want to play an extra game, and that’s why it’s been such a long and tortured process talking about it,” he said.

But Smith said one of the NFL’s requirements for extending the current deal before it concluded following the 2020 season was adding one regular-season game.

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