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No Deal Yet Between NFL Players and Owners

Both sides met before this weekend's NFL Combine

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Feb 26, 2020

With the Combine starting, negotiations are continuing between the NFL and the NFLPA. Find out more from Newsday.

NFL management council representatives and NFL Players Association officials met for nearly four hours Tuesday night but did not reach a deal on a new collective-bargaining agreement.

The meeting was scheduled for late afternoon after players balked at what the owners called their final offer Thursday. The owners approved a proposal in New York that was reached after 10 months of negotiations with the players. As part of the deal, the league would eventually go from 16 games to 17 in the regular season, reduce the preseason to three games, and add two playoff teams. Pensions for retired players would be increased with the new deal.

A league spokesman said after the meeting that there would be no comment “out of respect for the process.” He declined to say whether further meetings were scheduled.

The union did not comment. About halfway through the meeting, spokesmen for the league and NFLPA greeted reporters together. After the meeting, however, only a league spokesman addressed the media.


The league had hoped to hammer out a 10-year agreement to replace the current deal. In the absence of a new deal, league owners said they would complete the current CBA, which runs through the 2020 season. If no deal is reached before then, league owners could have a lockout similar to the one that occurred in 2011. The 2020 league year begins March 18.


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