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Trump's Trade Deal In Danger

Politico reports that without the AFL-CIO's support Trump's NAFTA is in trouble

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Nov 16, 2018

Trump's trade deal may be in trouble unless he can convince the AFL-CIO to get behind it. Read more from Politico below.

The AFL-CIO remains unconvinced that the new NAFTA's labor standards will be enforceable," POLITICO's Megan Cassella reports, "or go far enough to make a 'meaningful difference' for the working families they aim to benefit, its top trade official said Thursday." Celeste Drake, trade and globalization specialist at the federation, told the U.S. International Trade Commission that the new USMCA takes steps in the right direction, but "if the commission simply assumes that 'words on the page' are sufficient to transform Mexico's repressive labor regime, it will make a grave error," she said.

The future of the deal may depend on the federation's approval. "We urge the commission to make clear that if the obligations are not enforced, the lure of cheap and easy labor exploitation in Mexico will continue to draw production and hold down wages in both countries," Drake said. More from POLITICO here.

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