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"Pack your Knives and Go" Bravo!

Top Chef tries to hire non-union and bribe the Teamsters

State Politics

AFL-CIO takes on Koch in Missouri

Over 300,000 signatures collected to delay Right to Work in Missouri


UCOMM Readers: Help this little boy

Unions like the Corrections Officers, CWA, and the IBEW put unionism into motion

Corporate Greed

Strike Against Evil

Workers at Georgia Pacific, Koch Industries largest unit, are taking a stand against the evil Koch Brothers

Corporate Greed

H2A Visa Program: Legalized Slavery

A heartbreaking story of how a farmworker died in the fields and how we let this happen

State Politics

25 Years to Break Even

It will take Wisconsin taxpayers 25 years to make back the money from the con that Walker and Trump did with Foxconn

Corporate Greed

The Hypocrisy at Google

They censor UCOMM, fire sexists, and have all types of labor problems. WTF!

Good Jobs Now

Labor 411 Comes to the Big Apple

Labor 411 announces that they will be expanding into their 5th city, the Big Apple

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