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13,000 Carpenters Strike in Massachusetts

A work stoppage over COVID-19 safety issues

Teachers Union Creates Healthcare Heroes Disaster Relief Fund

NYSUT's fund will health care professionals and their families dealing with COVID-19

Podcast: Hope Delivered by Teachers

Plus Dr. Mancuso and teacher leaders call-in, some good news too

Trump Permits Decert's in 45 days

New NLRB rule makes it impossible to win a union election

Trump Spins 250k COVID-19 Death’s

If eventual numbers are lower he will take credit, base will believe it

Leaked Amazon Document Details Plan to Smear Fired Worker

VICE reports on the meeting to fire union organizer Chris Smalls

Amazon Fires Worker for Organizing

NY Amazon workers walked out over COVID-19 safety procedures

Hobby Lobby Lays off by Email

The craft company fired their staff via email on Tuesday

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