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Spies on Strike

An AP Report: Only in Slovenia is this actual news

Good Jobs Now

Another Organizing Victory for CWA 1109 Brooklyn

The Communications Workers of America in Brooklyn organize 160 Aclara utility installers in New York

National Politics

Trump Delivers Court Brief to Defund Public Sector Unions

As promised during his campaign, Trump pushes death blow Janus v. AFSCME court case that would make union dues optional


Organizing a Union at JetBlue

5,000 Flight Attendants at JetBlue have filed for a union election


Wilson Footballs: Made in the USA

Since 1941, every point scored in the NFL has been with a Wilson football from Ada, Ohio


Governor Veto's Disability Bill for Corrections Officers

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo veto's bill to provide 75% of pay for injured Nassau Corrections Officers

Corporate Greed

“They Rejected our Offer to End the Strike”

9 months into the IBEW Local 3 NYC Strike, Spectrum coldly rejects the Unions offers to end the Strike


Janus v. AFSCME Looms as the next Battle for Teacher Unions

Levittown United Teacher's Joe Romano provides an insight into the Janus v AFSCME case

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