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Union Membership Increases Nationwide

Nationally union density increased by 0.5% as unemployment skyrocketed in 2020

Chicago Teachers Covid Strike

With rise in COVID-19 deaths, union may walk to prevent in person classes from restarting

Biden Repeals Union-Busting Executive Orders

He also appointed union officials to lead the FLRA, OSHA, and Wage & Hour division

President Biden Fires Peter Robb

The NLRB General Counsel refused to resign so Biden fired him on Day 1

Biden Signs Order to Create COVID OSHA Standard

Unions have pushed for the safety standard for months

A New President

Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States on a union-made stage and featured IAFF President

Biden First 100 Days: Help Unions

Push from organized Labor on pensions and NLRB Chief

Police Arrest 5 Striking Workers

Teamsters at Hunts Point Market are on strike, demand $1 raise

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Labor Built Vaccine Facilities and Trumpers Attack the Capitol