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Memorializing a Music Teachers Legacy

How a tiny little teachers union makes a big impact every year

Corporate Greed

Who Doesn't get a Summer Vaca

AP releases a story about who's not getting time off during the summer months, UCOMM dives into reasons why


The Harriet Cleveland from Alabama Story

The Southern Poverty Law Center describe Harriet's judicial nightmare and how the for-profit justice system targets our nation’s most vulnerable

State Politics

The Constitutional Convention Coalition

New York groups from organized labor, environmentalist and even the Gun Nuts join forces to protect their rights

National Politics

Stop the Coal Con

John Oliver does a segment on Trump's continued Lie-Raid on coal mining jobs


Organizing DHL

28 workers at DHL in Rhode Island vote to join the Teamsters

National Politics

4 Ways Trump's Budget Hurts Federal Workers

AFGE releases a video about how the 4 ways that Trump's budget hurts current and retired Federal workers

Corporate Greed

Give to the Strike Fund

Going on it's 8th week, AFL-CIO asks all to support striking beer delivery guys

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