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Vermont Strengthens Union Laws

Two years after Janus, Vermont is changing their laws to protect organized labor

Podcast: The Billionaires Funding Trump

Plus death threats from the Proud Boys and CBA's are getting shorter

IBEW Teams with the NAACP to Expand Solar Training

An Indiana local is partnering with the group to offer more opportunities to people of color

Proud Boys Threaten Democrats in Florida

Emails from the group are warning violence against people who vote against Trump

1 in 4 Workers Considered Quitting Over COVID-19

Workers are stressed out about money and getting sick during the pandemic

Marvel and Home Depot Give Big to Trump

Other donors include Budweiser icon & shipping tycoon who donated $25M to fight unions

Unions Want Disneyland Reopened

Cases are falling and a new agreement was reached to keep workers safe

CBA's are Getting Shorter

With a weak economy neither side wants a long term contract

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