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Union President Blasts Boeing

The airline maker is trying to rush the 737 Max back into service

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Nov 15, 2019

The union representing Southwest Airlines employees are concerned that Boeing is rushing the 737 Max back into service after two fatal crashes. Find out more below from the AP.

The union president of Southwest Airlines pilots worries that Boeing may be rushing the 737 Max back into service, and he says Southwest should consider buying planes from another company.

The union president, Jon Weaks, adds that Boeing has exhibited arrogance and greed that will haunt the company forever.

Weaks made the comments in a memo to members of the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, which is already suing Boeing over money that pilots have lost because the grounding of the Max has led Southwest to cancel many flights.

Southwest has taken Max jets out of its schedule until early March. The airline’s fleet consists entirely of Boeing 737s, most of them earlier versions of the plane.

The Max has been grounded worldwide since March after two deadly crashes.

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