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by Press and Media | on Jul 25, 2017

A Better Deal to Boost Wages

Details of the Democrats new economic plan have been released. Check out coverage from Poltico below.

by Press and Media | on Jun 08, 2016

D.C. minimum wage hiked to $15

 This article was originally written by Ben Nuckols for the Associated Press. WASHINGTON (AP) -- Lawmakers in the nation's capital approved a $15-an-hour minimum wage on Tuesday,...

by Kris LaGrange | on Jan 03, 2016

$15 in 2016

So the GOP in Congress has blocked raising the Federal minimum wage, but this really isn’t news because this is one of the worst Congresses in our nation’s history and we are used to them...

by Guest Post | on Nov 19, 2015

Battle over wages on Long Island

LI Fed to LIA:  Significant studies show clear economic benefit to raising the minimum wageJohn R. Durso, President of The Long Island Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, said today that the labor...