News From: AFGE

by Brian Young | on Oct 05, 2020

How Trump Weakened the FLRA

In a trio of decisions, Trump’s Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) has overturned decades of precedent. In the decisions, the FLRA has decided to severely limit the bargaining capability...

by Brian Young | on Sep 09, 2020

Trump Kills Diversity Training

On Friday, September 4th, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) notified federal government department heads that they would no longer be allowed to conduct diversity and inclusion trainings. The...

by Brian Young | on Aug 07, 2020

AFGE Wins Huge Contract Battle Against Trump

For more than a year, the Trump administration has been attempting to impose one-sided, anti-union contracts on different federal agencies including the VA and the Department of Education. In July...

by Brian Young | on Jul 22, 2020

Federal Unions Endorse Biden Big Time

The two largest federal unions have announced their endorsement of former Vice President Joe Biden for President. The endorsement was not a shock since Trump has been at war with the unions since he...

by Brian Young | on Apr 29, 2020

10,000 Federal Employees Sick with COVID-19

A grim number has been reached with over 10,000 federal employees testing positive for COVID-19. The stunning number means that in just the last month the rate of infection has quadrupled within the...

by Brian Young | on Mar 06, 2020

Unions Want More Teleworking Amid Coronavirus

Turn on the news and the lead story every day is about coronavirus. As the virus spread across Asia and Europe many offices began preparing for an outbreak in the United States and what that might...

by Kris LaGrange | on Feb 19, 2020

Trump: "Opt Out of Your Union"

In a controversial move by the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) federal employees will now be allowed to opt-out of their union whenever they want instead of during a limited time period once...

by Kris LaGrange | on Feb 17, 2020

Trump Proposes Cuts to Federal Pensions

Trump has unveiled his proposed 2021 budget and just like his past three budgets, he is proposing huge cuts for federal workers.

by Kris LaGrange | on Feb 12, 2020

Trump Bans Unions at Defense Department

Another day and another move by Trump to weaken unions that represent workers in the federal government. This time his focus is on union employees at the Defense Department (DoD).

by Brian Young | on Jan 28, 2020

Trump Bans Impeachment Talk

The impeachment hearing is top news. Cable news is covering it live and it seems to have 24-hour coverage. You can’t go on Facebook or Twitter without seeing information about it or seeing it...