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by Kris LaGrange | on Jan 27, 2020

Trump Wants to Privatize the Post Office

The US Postal Service seems to be under constant attack from politicians in Washington. That process may be sped up with the retirement current Postmaster General Megan Brennan on January 31st.

by Brian Young | on Sep 04, 2019

Letter Carrier Killed in Recent Mass Shooting

Over the Labor Day weekend, yet another mass shooting took place. This time the shooting took place in Odessa, Texas. 25 people were injured, and 7 victims died before police were able to stop the...

by Guest Post | on Dec 03, 2018

Keep the Postal Service in Public Hands

During a tense week recently, pipe bombs mailed to former President Barack Obama, actor Robert De Niro, the offices of CNN and at least a dozen other targets dominated the news. These overtly...

by Guest Post | on Oct 24, 2018

APWU Condemns MAGA Bomber

Below is an important statement from the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) following a number of bombs being found in the US Mail. 

by Press and Media | on Jan 06, 2017

Postal Union Stopped Staples

This story originally appeared in The Los Angeles TimesThe U.S. Postal Service will no longer be offering its services at Staples stores across the country.Those services, which were...

by Brian Young | on May 30, 2015

Lets talk with Mr. McFeely

Talks between the United States Postal Service and two of their biggest unions, the American Postal Workers union (APWU) and the National Rural Letter Carriers stalled last week and will now be...

by Kris LaGrange | on Apr 12, 2015

APWU on Postal Service: "A manufactured crisis."

On April 12th postal workers took to the streets to shine a light on an issue that many people didnt know existed. The issue is that there is no issue, and the US Postal Service is outsourcing good...

by Guest Post | on Feb 13, 2015

Unions join forces to stop Postal Service Outsourcing

The Communications Workers of America and more than 60 other labor, public interest, faith, community and civil rights organizations have formed the Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service....