News From: Bernie Sanders

by Kris LaGrange | on Apr 19, 2019

Butts, Boobs, Bernie, and Becky

 Becky Friedrichs is on tour trying to sell her shitty book about union busting, but no one is showing up. We found out this week that Bernie has joined the 1%, but does anyone really care?...

by Press and Media | on Apr 16, 2019

Bernie Sanders Rakes in $550k a Year

Let's be honest if there is anyone who can rub elbows with the rich and get them to do what's right it's Bernie Sanders. You decide! The AP has more on his income below. 

by Kris LaGrange | on Apr 12, 2019

Hot Nurses, Babbling Bernie Sanders and Windmill Cancer

Feeling the Bern yet? Sanders proposes a swift change to national labor law while skipping out on the Building Trades Legislative pow wow in DC. Prevailing wage legislation failed to pass in New York...

by Kris LaGrange | on Apr 10, 2019

Sanders Skips Building Trades Legislative Conference

This week, leaders from the Building and Construction Trades Council met in Washington D.C. for their annual legislative conference. A mainstay at the event are elected officials and candidates for...

by Brian Young | on Apr 08, 2019

Bernie Sanders Vows to Ban Right to Work

On Monday, the International Association of Machinist (IAM) heard from Senator and Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders at their Transportation Department conference in Las Vegas.

by Guest Post | on Mar 07, 2019

"I'm from a Family who knew the Frightening Power Employers have over Workers"

This post came from Bernie Sanders Instagram. My experience as a kid, living in a family that struggled economically, powerfully influenced my life and my values. Unlike Donald Trump, who shut...

by Brian Young | on Nov 30, 2018

Bernie Sanders Proposes the Stop Walmart Act

Many politicians like Trump have touted the “strong” economy. They claim that since Wall St. seems to be hitting record highs every day, the economy must be doing well, yet many Americans...

by Daniel Hinton | on Aug 20, 2018

Understanding What Co-Determination Is

Reforms can be radical one day, then common sense the next. The most popular reforms of the past century, such as collective bargaining rights and Social Security, started that way. How many times...

by Guest Post | on Sep 22, 2017

The CWA Pickup Truck Tour

At the final stop of the 2017 Midwest Pickup Tour, CWAers and CWA President Chris Shelton, Senator Bernie Sanders, and other activists and union members called on President Trump to keep his campaign...

by Brian Young | on Mar 06, 2017

They watched their co-worker die

On a warm, sunny Saturday, thousands marched through Canton Mississippi, demanding the right to join a union.  While marches in Mississippi may not be rare, a union rally is and one at a foreign...