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The $1 Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Con

We need to begin the impeachment process because there's no way Trump can deliver

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May 17, 2017

After Trump drained the swamp, he appointed George W. Bush’s Labor Secretary Elaine Chao to be his Transportation Secretary. He once again broke a campaign promise. Trump said that he would not employ Washington insiders in his “Administration.” By appointing Chao, you can’t get any more inside than that. Chao is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s wife. Since Trump has never kept a promise, breaking them is what we expect. Fact is that Trump has not really accomplished anything since taking oath except rescinding President Obama’s Executive Orders. It’s a long Con Game and the jokes on all of us. But it’s getting old and even tight-ass Republicans are starting to get sick of the nonsense.

So Transportation Secretary Chao was at a US Chamber of Commerce event talking about Infrastructure. She said we will spend $1 Trillion over 10 years to rebuild America’s roads and bridges. This $1 Trillion dollar dream requires $200 Billion from the taxpayers, and the rest from private investments. Really?

Investing in our infrastructure is an issue that resonates across party lines. Whether you’re an intelligent liberal from New York or a dumb Trump bigot from Arkansas, everyone can agree that investing federal funds into rebuilding roads, bridges, water and pipelines is a win-win for everyone.

Chao said a plan will be released in 2 weeks but everyone has been waiting for over 3 months now. In what would take past Presidents weeks to craft, Trump can’t seem to get his shit together. Policymakers, unions and industry experts are highly skeptical of any plan as they should be. Given his childish algorithms, all indicators point to privatization with repealed labor rights. What does this mean? Well since states like Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan are moving to repeal prevailing wages and Trump has indicated that Davis Bacon will be in trouble under his watch, those moves will have a direct economic impact on working class Trump voters who were fooled into voting for him.

If for some miracle Trump passes a budget and moves Infrastructure monies out of Washington and into local projects, how much will those jobs actually pay without Prevailing Wage requirements? Trump passed a law with Republicans in Congress eliminating the Blacklisting Rule which forbid contractors with massive labor violations from getting federal contracts. So you can just imagine what a federally funded building project with private investments would look like under Trump.

Trump’s allegiances with the ABC, the moves to eliminate Prevailing Wages and Davis Bacon along with his inability to govern and lead should be inspiration enough for all of us to just cut our loses now and start moving along on the impeachment proceedings. We should begin this process now before a school bus full of kids falls off a crumbling bridge into the Mississippi River.

Make America Great Again.

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