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American Apparel Not so American!

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Apr 04, 2015

American Apparel; practice what you preach. American Apparel, the LA based clothing company that manufactures many of its products In the USA, is trying to bust a growing union organizing drive within the company. The union led by workers loyal to the controversial founder Dov Charney, has met strong resistance from the new owners. Workers were brought into meetings with HMD Consulting, an LA Based anti-union consulting group, where the workers were told about how unions will just eat away at their paycheck. Other workers said that they have been warned that if they sign union cards they could be terminated. This month, workers filed a complaint with the National Labor Relation Board claiming they were accosted and interrogated after a February meeting. On Wednesday, 200 workers held a rally outside of American Apparel headquarters in the City of Angels to protest recent layoffs. 

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