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Non Union Builder Kills Again

A non-union construction worker dies after 5 story building collapses on him

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Nov 07, 2015

After hours of searching firefighters finally recovered the body of a non-union construction worker who lost his life demolishing the building.  The future site of a ritzy hotel in midtown, suffered a 5 story building collapse that killed one worker and severely injured another. 

This collapse came just hours after an engineer order demolition work to be halted on the building until it could be shored up.  Of the 19 non-union workers, 17 escaped without injury, while one was trapped in the rubble for 3 hours while the FDNY made a heroic effort to save him.  Cadaver dogs needed to be brought in to find the final deceased worker. 

“Tragedies like these have become all too common as irresponsible developers and contractors increasingly put their bottom lines ahead of the safety of workers,” said Gary LaBarbera, President of the NYC Building Trades Council.

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