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by Guest Post | on May 02, 2019

Is Your Car Made in the USA?

It’s often hard for the average consumer to know where the products he or she buys are made. That’s because many manufacturers go to great lengths to hide the fact that their products are...

by Guest Post | on Jun 23, 2017

Buy American Victory in Albany

“This is a victory for all New Yorkers. Requiring American made iron and steel products for New York’s roads and bridges is a wise investment for the future of our economy.

by Labor 411 | on Jul 28, 2016

Ethical Consumer Movement takes DNC by storm

Labor 411 is right in the middle of it!We're here talking to convention goers about our BuyBlue campaign, asking for their help. We're asking these progressive, politically astute attendees...

by Labor 411 | on Jul 20, 2016

Join the Ethical Consumer Movement

I’m so excited to be given the chance to rally folks around the cause for better jobs and working conditions for all Americans as the new Development Director of the Labor 411 Foundation!I get...

by Brian Young | on Apr 08, 2016

BuyBlue this Monday

The US consumer spends $7.5 Trillion dollars a year and one group is asking all of us to spend just 1% of that on goods produced and sold by companies that take care of their American workers. ...

by AFL-CIO | on Mar 29, 2016

A Buy American Push

In New York State we have an opportunity to create good paying jobs while keeping our tax dollars right here at home. It’s quite simple – Buy American. A proposal before the state...