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2-Minute Tribute to Grocery Store Workers

On Workers Memorial Day, grocery stores will be honoring employees who are sick or died of COVID-19

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Apr 27, 2020

Tuesday, April 28th is Workers Memorial Day, a day to mourn the workers who died on the job over the past year. This year’s remembrance takes on a new meaning as our essential workers go to work every day with the knowledge that they could be infected with COVID-19.

One of the hotspots of the outbreak is Long Island, New York. The suburbs outside of New York City have seen over 67,000 cases and over 2,700 deaths. Some of those who have become sick are essential workers, including grocery store workers. On Tuesday, union grocers throughout the region will honor and remember them with a 2-minute Moment of Reflection. The tribute, which was negotiated by UFCW Locals 1500 and 342, as well as RWDSU Local 338 will allow the workers to pay proper tribute to their fellow workers who are sick or have died from the virus.

In a statement put out by the three unions, they said:

“During this reflection time, we have agreed to provide our associates the opportunity to pause what they are doing and share in a united moment of reflection with their co‐workers as well as fellow Union members throughout the grocery industry. We are proud to allow our associates this time to honor their fellow Union Sisters and Brothers who have passed away from COVID‐19, in addition to remembering their friends and loved ones who are recovering from the illness.”

So if you are at the grocery store on Tuesday and the workers have stopped what they are doing, join them in remembering the dozens of grocery store employees who have become sick or died while working to keep America fed.

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