Clothesline Project

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Apr 20, 2012

The Clothesline Project at Binghamton University took place on April 12, 2012 to address the issue of sexual violence against women. In an effort to thwart violence against women, the campus provides a Men's Pledge to End Rape, a pledge that originally came from the California Anti-Sexist Men's Political Caucus. This month of April let's sign the pledge and become engaged in on-campus events to promote awareness and discussion against Sexual Violence.
Men's Pledge to End Rape      
Because: I believe that rape will not end until men become part of the solution:I take pride in myself as a man; I care about the women in my life; I am angry that people I know have been hurt; I know that more than one woman is raped every minute in this country;
I understand that rape is a crime of violence against a woman's body, a woman's emotional well-being, and a woman's right to do with their bodies what they choose. I recognize that men and women will not be equal until rape ends; I know that happiness between men and women is difficult in a world where rape exists;
I accept my responsibility to assist in making this a safer world.
 I Pledge To: Speak about my anger about rape; Talk with other men about rape; Look at how men are raised that helps create and perpetuate a culture where rape is possible; Interrupt sexist and rape jokes; Support laws that encourage men to take responsibility for ending rape; Listen to women friend's fears and concerns for their safety; Pay attention to cries for help; Challenge images of violence against women in advertising and pornography; Encourage women to be strong and powerful; Recognize that cooperation is power; Examine my behaviors and actions and change whatever I am doing that helps create a climate where rape is possible; Support women and men working to end rape.   

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