CWA 1104: 13 Scholarships Awarded in 2013

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Dec 30, 2013

CWA Local 1104 awarded thirteen scholarships. A total of $14,000 was given to the children and grandchildren of our members and retirees. We at Local 1104 hope this money will help in their pursuit of higher education and that they will have a successful school year and always remember while attaining their education to always remember the immense opportunities organized labor provided for working people in this great country. Congrats and best of luck in college!

Active: $1000 each 

  • Diana Agostini, daughter of Emmanual Agostini, TTA/STP - Henry Street
  • Rose Borge, daughter of David Borge, Driver - Plain Whs
  • Kelly Durkin, daughter of Robert Durkin, FT/CSTX - Beth G.
  • Jai Kellman, son of Denise Kellman, FACL SPL - Lyn Co.
  • Ethan Penny, son of Tara Penny, COT/SET - Plain Co.
  • Ashley Piccininni, daughter of Anthony Piccininni, FT/STP - Zechendorf
  • Kailey Smith, daughter of Brian Smith, FT/CSTX - Wdby G.
  • Cierra Samanka, daughter of Marla Samanka, OPR/RF - Will
  • Ashley Domenech, daughter of Roy Domenech, AOC - 120 Hicksville Rd.
  • Chennel Chapman, daughter of Jaqueline Chapman, Nurse - 170 Williams St  

Retirees: $1000 each             

  • Christopher Neary, son of Kenneth Neary - Verizon
  • Colleen Stitt, granddaughter of Julius Stitt - Verizon

Bob Lilja Memorial Scholarship $2000 

  • Kelly Rogan, daughter of Edward Rogan, FT/CSTM - Ave. C.

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