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The CWA is taking part in a National Day of Action on Saturday Against Trump's Family Separation Policy

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Jun 28, 2018
We have all read the news, seen the videos, or heard the tapes of children's cries for their mothers and fathers after being separated at the U.S. southern border. It is heartbreaking and infuriating that this is happening in our country.


Since the Trump administration's outrageous policy of dividing families began on April 11, more than 2,700 children have been ripped away from their parents and shuttled to locations across the United States with no procedures in place for when - or even how - they can be reunited with their parents.  This policy violates the fundamental, constitutional due process rights of parents to be with their children.
The President's Executive Order supposedly ending his family-separation policy did not solve the problem.  It left the door open to serious and unacceptable abuses. Right now, entire families are being imprisoned indefinitely and held incommunicado. Most notably, it failed to create a procedure for reuniting the children who have already been taken away from their parents.
Meanwhile, the operators of corporate-owned detention centers are making billions off these cruel policies. Giving the Department of Homeland Security authority to build more privatized family detention facilities is not the answer.
This is an issue of human rights and doing what's morally right. We must speak up and force our elected officials to take action and show the world that the United States is a country of hope and democracy. We need a humane and rational immigration system. We need to stand together to demand an end to cruel and unusual immigration practices.
Many of our sisters and brothers, their parents or their grandparents, made the difficult decision to come to the United States to escape oppression or horrible poverty. They worked hard to provide a good future for their children.  These are the same dreams held by immigrants fleeing gang violence and economic oppression in Central America.
I ask you to join this call to action to demand true immigration reform, expansion of asylum protection, and timely humane treatment of families seeking refuge in our country. There are multiple ways for your locals to join other unions and allies:
1. Join a rally on National Day of Action June 30th. Over 600 events are currently scheduled nationwide.  You can find a list rallies taking place near you at 
2. Call Your Member of Congress at 855-980-2318: Demand that the 2,700 children in tent cities and detention centers be reunited with their families and to stop giving away our tax dollars to expand privatized detention facilities.
3. Make a contribution to organizations working to reunify children and their families. These organizations are on the ground at the border doing the hard work of tracking down the parents and their children to bring them together. Two organizations that need support in our area are:
Click here for an event closer to home
This post was orignially written by CWA District 1 Vice President Dennis Trainor

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