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Giving Tuesday: Give to these Strike Funds

Facing the prospect of spending Christmas on the picket line, these workers need our help

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Nov 30, 2021

This year, workers have fought back against decades of low wages, benefits being cut, and increasing expectations at work that keep them from seeing their families. Tens of thousands struck during Striketober and some have kept it up into Strikesgiving. However, after being on strike for weeks if not months, these workers are facing the prospect of a holiday season spent with anxiety under their tree instead of toys for their kids.

As we write this on Giving Tuesday, we are reminded of a story from the Humans of New York Facebook page about a kid whose father was on strike during Christmas. This epitomizes what it means to be union.

“My father was on strike one Christmas. I think I was six years old. And whenever the union was on strike, we’d go without. So there weren’t many presents under the tree that year. Dad explained to us that he was standing up for everybody, and that he needed our help. He promised us that he’d get us more presents once he got back to work. Then the night before Christmas, somebody broke into our house. They slit the screen on one of the windows and stole everything. I woke up to my mom screaming. All our presents were gone. But that ended up being the best Christmas we ever had. Because a few hours later, six guys from the union showed up, and they were carrying bags and bags of presents.”

UCOMM wants to encourage all of our union brothers and sisters to reach into their pockets and help these families of strikers who are standing up for all of us. Below are some of the links to strike funds for the current strikes. For everyone, both union and non, who cheered Striketober and cheered when unions rejected offers from the company, this is your time to step up. The brave families are fighting for your rights and your benefits, so dig deep and donate what you can.

Kellogg’s Workers 1,400 families have been on strike since October 5th.

Warrior Met Coal Miners at Warrior Met in Alabama have been on strike since April. They are some of the lowest-paid miners in the region and are fighting for simple things like the ability to have two days off during the week and the ability to have a holiday with their families. Instead, the company, which is owned by the hedge fund Black Rock, routinely forces them to work between 155 to 170 hours every two weeks without days off. 1,100 families are on strike.

St. Vincent Nurses Over 800 nurses and their families in Massachusetts have been on strike since March over low pay and staffing issues. The hospital has so far refused to budge to bring back these healthcare heroes while COVID continues to rage.

Columbia University Student Workers currently the largest strike in the country, 3,000 workers at Columbia University are on strike to raise their wage that is currently thousands of dollars below a living wage and to gain protection from sexual harassment on the job. While working at one of the richest schools in the country (and one of the most expensive to attend), some members of UAW 2110 have been forced to sign up for food stamps just to be able to eat. The University continues to refuse to negotiate a fair contract which forced them out on strike.

If we missed one, please let us know by emailing and we will add it to the list.

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