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Help Texas Union Members

Donate today to help union members affected by last week's weather in Texas

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Feb 25, 2021

Last week, record cold hit Texas and shut down power for millions. With temperatures in the single digits, millions were left without heat.

All of this happened in a state that is not prepared for cold or snow. This means that cities didn’t have plows or salt spreaders and many houses and apartments are not insulated to keep the cold air out. With the loss of power, loss of heat, and no insulation, many Texans faced another challenge, freezing pipes. These pipes have caused millions in damage as they burst during the cold weather.

Many Texans are now facing immense challenges, including the lack of clean water. The Texas AFL-CIO is asking union members from around the country for help by donating to the Texas Workers Relief Fund. These donations will assist workers and their families to get through this crisis and get back on their feet. You can donate by clicking here.

You can also find out more about what Texas workers are going through by watching our interview with Jay Malone of the Texas Gulf Coast AFL-CIO on this week’s UCOMM Live.

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