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Industry Insight: Importance of Taking Photos

Take out your smartphone and grab a few pictures at every event

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Sep 13, 2017

Last week, we looked at the importance of your union using social media, but it is not enough to just have a page, you must also update it with content that your members want to see. While news stories, bargaining updates and event announcements are important to put on your page, so too are pictures from union events. This should be easy, but many times after an event no one has thought to take out their phones and snap a few pictures.

Photos are some of the most popular things that a union can put out. Members love to see themselves and their friends at a rally. Parents love to see their kids at the union’s annual barbecue. Plus, it keeps the entire union up-to-date on what is going on. They also show employers the power that the union has. When the Communications Workers of America strike happened in 2016, Verizon executives couldn’t go on Facebook without seeing pictures of their employees walking the picket line. Through these pictures, they could see that the picket lines were holding strong not just in Manhattan outside of their offices, but also in Right-to-Work Virginia or in front of the wireless store in Upstate New York. Whether they are on Facebook, Twitter or on your website, photos show that you can mobilize your membership.  They can also show your new members or less active members some of the fun things that the union does.

Here at UCOMM, we use three types of images in our communications. The first are professional shots that we take of members on the job or at an event. We use these to showcase the great work of the members and they feature prominently throughout our websites. The second kind of images that we use are images that we create for things like flyers.  The third type are images that our clients send us. They are taken from their members' phones and either uploaded directly to Facebook or Twitter or they are sent directly to us. We then use these photos in email communications and social media communications. While many locals think they need to have a dedicated person with a fancy camera taking photos, now with smartphones, all someone needs to do is pull out their phone and snap a few shots. Take shots of everything, your end of the year awards, members having fun at a baseball game, and even a member’s new baby dressed in the local’s colors.  All of these are great photos that humanize the union and make members want to be more involved. Phones like the iPhone and Galaxy have good enough cameras that we can even use them on their sites. Below we have included some different shots that UCOMM clients have sent us for use in their social media, email and website communications.

The Bay Shore Classroom Teachers Association sent us this picture from the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk that they take part in at Jones Beach.
Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 13101 in Delaware sent us this picture after their Toys for Tots drive.
A few International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) 1249, based in Syracuse, NY, took a quick picture after a day of fishing.
Levittown United Teachers grabbed a few quick snapshots of their members making phone calls for local elected officials during the 2016 election.

With attacks on unions happening at all levels of government and the Supreme Court set to hear Janus, the new iteration of Friedrichs now is the time to communicate with your members. No longer are communications just sending out a quarterly newsletter. At union communications firms like UCOMM Media Group, we take a full approach to your local union’s communications needs. We encourage clients to communicate the great work that they are doing regularly through professional looking emails, blast text messaging, mobile-friendly websites, and catchy social media posts. The goal is to constantly communicate the local’s message, whether they are checking their Gmail, reading their texts, or sharing cat memes on Facebook. To figure out how to communicate better, faster and stronger, contact UCOMM Media Group today.

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