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Dan Hinton

Laborers Union Runs Alt-Right Out of Times Square

Local 79 members ran off alt-right provocateurs at NYC immigration rally

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Nov 11, 2021

On Tuesday, immigrant rights advocates called for a rally in Times Square in New York City. The rally was part of their 11-day protest for a bill to pass through Congress to help undocumented immigrants.

In addition to the immigrant rights supporters, alt-right provocateurs showed up intending to disrupt the protest. Yet instead of being met by a group of undocumented immigrants, the alt-right group was met by a team of New York building and construction trade members, many of whom were from Laborers 79. Members of Local 78, Local 1010, and Local 3 also took part.

According to Latino Rebels, the alt-right group was looking to capture the faces of undocumented people at the rally so they could put it on social media. They then ask their followers to dox the participants by identifying them and calling ICE.

“They were there to agitate,” said Christina Culpepper, president of the women’s committee of Local 79 in an interview with Latino Rebels. “But unionist, who are not a separate community from immigrants, weren’t going to back down.”

Video on Twitter shows the union members confronting four or five alt-right instigators, including Nick Fuentes, a 23-year-old alt-right media operative who took part in the Capitol insurrection on January 6. While the union members confronted the instigators, diverting their attention away from doxing the participants, the rally and march was able to continue as planned.

The union members then began moving the instigators away from the rally yelling at them to get back on the subway.

“They showed up to intimidate the undocumented people present,” said another unionist who witnessed the confrontation. “But we were prepared to take it to another level if that’s how it went down. We sent their racist asses back on the L train.”

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