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World's Finest Chocolate

Made in the USA: World's Finest Chocolate Bars

World's Finest Chocolate is a company that makes its chocolate right here in the United States

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by Kate Hogan on
Oct 09, 2017

How many times has your child come home from school with a box of chocolate and a note saying you had to sell it for a fundraiser? After you end up buying the entire box for them and putting the leftovers in the refrigerator, have you ever looked at the name on the wrapper?  Odds are that each time a child asked you to buy some candy, it was World’s Finest Chocolate Bars. Besides the fact that they taste good, they are also made in Chicago, Illinois! 

World’s Finest Chocolate began in 1908 when the founder of the company, Edmond Opler, Sr. was 12 years old. After his father died, the oldest of eight children, Opler decided to leave school and get a job selling cocoa to bakers around New York City via horse-drawn wagon. His brother Arnold would soon join him, and together they would create E & A Opler, Inc. While Arnold based himself in Brooklyn, NY, Ed moved to Chicago. In 1939, Ed started Cook Chocolate Company selling cocoa powder and various chocolate products to retail and movie theaters. In 1972, the company’s name officially changed to World’s Finest Chocolate.

Today, the World’s Finest factory has reached the size of 10 football fields. Every day, more than a million chocolate bars are produced at the plant. One of the best parts, all of the company’s chocolate is sold almost exclusively to help organizations raise funds. “It’s a little part of the secret sauce,” Eddie Opler, current CEO and grandson of founder Ed Opler, told ABC7 Chicago. “We make chocolate, help people see their dreams come true. Last year, we raised $12 million for charity.”

Fundraising is one of the things that World’s Finest Chocolate does best. They offer multiple options for types of campaigns you can run. The most popular is the $1 bar, often seen at school and sporting events. Other favorites include the $2 and the variety pack. Each campaign comes with a personal sales rep to help you with any questions you may have. You can even personalize your boxes with a team picture or organization name for free.

When your organization fundraises with World’s Finest Chocolate, you know you are doing more than just investing in yourself. You are also supporting American jobs. Give the dollar, enjoy the chocolate and know that you are supporting an American made organization. 

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