A Memorial Day Message

George Bloom's picture
May 24, 2013

This Memorial Day weekend, please keep the true meaning of Memorial Day in your thoughts and actions. CWA 1104 would like to pay tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and offer a thanks from a grateful nation and a grateful union. Yes, it is the beginning of the summer and we are all planning family bbq's, but please be mindful of our Veterans. Remember those who saw action or lost a friend in battle. Think of the widows and their children and our Wounded Warriors. There are so many kids who lost a mom or a dad, who are naturally saddened on Memorial Day. Maybe you lost a loved one, or a neighbor of yours did. Whether that loss was in Vietnam or Afghanistan; the men and women who never made it home are looking down on us from Heaven. Sitting down at the picnic table and saying a quick "thank you" to the soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice before you dig into that delicious hamburger is just the thing to do. Who knows, while enjoying your meal your little ones may ask you what Memorial Day means. You can tell them its true meaning. In doing that, those who never made it home will be memorialized - they did not die in vain because in your actions this weekend, you ensured that their sacrifice was not forgotten. A simple prayer goes a long way, and it all starts with us. So God bless the troops, this union and this great country and thank you to the brave men and women who died for the freedoms we enjoy everyday.

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