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My Dad taught me work ethic.

Kris LaGrange's picture
Jun 15, 2013

My Dad taught me work ethic. There are some things I am angry at my father about. My receding hairline, my short temper and these disgusting bags under my eyes. If Mike wasn't my blood father, well I probably wouldn't have any of these things. But the good outweigh the bad, because my old man indirectly taught me to have a strong work ethic. He didn't get up early every morning to drive truck or come home late some nights because of inventory just to show off. I know he probably would've rather been home to talk baseball or Syracuse Orangemen Football with me. My Dad showed me by example that you can sleep well every night and hold your head high as a man if you just put in an honest days work for an honest days pay. He also said to me one day when I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at age 7 that "thank God for the union, the benefits are saving your life son." Happy Fathers Day Dad and thank you UFCW Local One.

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