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The New American Gestapo and Pablo the Pizza Man

Are ICE agents heroes or villains? Detaining a pizza delivery guy, leaving 2 tots fatherless is not justice

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Jun 08, 2018

Yes, there are some bad hombres who make it across the border. No one is disputing that and a wall is not going to stop them. Common sense supports that fact as well. When the Irish, Poles, and Italians came over on boats, they brought with them their criminal elements, and we honor and promote that fact through Hollywood in the likes of movies such as The Godfather and Gangs of New York. A big difference between then and now is the invention of Facebook – a social network system that gave America a false sense of reality. We tend to forget to remind ourselves every day that Mark Zuckerberg – who was asleep at his billion-dollar wheel, allowed the Russians to buy click-through-votes for an illegitimate and unfit “President.” When our thoughts and voting power should have been concentrated on the economy, education, and opportunity, we foolishly cared more about emails, Benghazi and a few bad hombres in MS-13. Make America Great Again.

Now the ugliness of Human Americana-Kind has come home to roost. Day after day, we read stories of how a few cowboys in ICE flak jackets get full reign to piss on Lady Liberty. A few you're ago we released some imagery of families getting ripped apart, images of children weeping – images that represent the ugliness of our silent white neighbors who foolishly and blindly voted for the most racist man to occupy the white house since Andrew Jackson. Make America Great Again.

Pablo the Pizza Man did nothing wrong really, and who are any of us to judge. Unless you immigrated to the United States yourself, you are not really allowed to have an opinion on this. I welcome immigrants to send us their comments to Don’t send us anything if you were born here, surrounded and cradled by the privilege and opportunities nourished by our “alien nation.” Unless you are a Native American, we are all immigrants – some more self-aware than others. There is a little bit of Pablo the Pizza Man in all of us. We love our family, we work hard, we get scared sometimes, we live for those moments and sometimes shit happens. When shit happens to most of us, well we have a bad day. Shit is happening to Pablo, and that could be life ending for him back in Ecuador.

You must read the following pieces on what happened to Pablo. When your done, think of this; the history books now say there were no innocent people in Germany 1939. What will the history books say of us? Were there innocent people in the United States in 2018? Are there?

Make America Great Again.

Newsday: Deportation Protest – Cuomo arranges legal help for pizza delivery man from LI detained by feds
“Detaining a hardworking man, separating a father from his children and tearing apart communities doesn’t make America safe, and a wrong-minded immigration policy grounded in bias and cruelty doesn’t make America great.”

Editorial: Immigration dysfunction takes a harsh human toll
“His wife and children are citizens, he has applied for a green card, and he has paid taxes, according to local officials who spoke with his wife.”

No House GOP Immigration Deal – Conservative, moderates yet to mend differences
Ryan made clear that any compromise bill would be based on Trump’s four pillars of increased border security including a wall, an end to the lottery visa and family reunification policies, and an attempt to address the fate of those registered or eligible for the DACA program. Stopping the Gestapo in Seattle
“I'm sorry,” he told the agents. “In order for me to let you enter the premises, I need to see a warrant signed by a judge."

NY Post: Local Resturants Refuse to Deliver to Army Base
" If an army marches on its stomach, the forces at Fort Hamilton had better learn to cook."

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