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NEWSDAY: "Bay Shore Community Backs Race Program"

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Jan 24, 2015

An overflow crowd at Bay Shore school district's board of education meeting applauded Wednesday night as parents and residents said they backed their outgoing superintendent's decision to use a training program designed to ease racial tensions and eliminate an achievement gap.

The included Tuere Moron, who said she spoke up because had lambasted Superintendent Karen Salmon and the board last December for introducing "Courageous Conversations About Race" to teachers.

"Last month, I sat Krazy Glued to my seat after the amount of vitriolic remarks directed at the board of education," Morton said, flanked by two members of the local NAACP, and referring to events at the December board meeting. "They were nade by an organized group of what appeared to be angered residents about a Beyond Diversity program that encouraged a conversation reguarding race."

The training program addresses "racial disparities through safe, authentic and effective, cross-racial dialog," according to the website of Pacific Educational Group, whose president, Glenn E. Singleton, created the program. It has been installed in about 200 school districts since it was created in 1992, including Talbot County Public Schools in Maryland, where Salmon used to be superintendent, and implemented the program in 2009.

Board members saud last night that they would create a task force to loo into the issue at Bay Shore but some parents moaned aloud when board members did not state clearly they were committed to continuing the Courageous Conversations program.

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"Bay Shore race program lauded"- Zachary R. Dowd(newsday)

Photo: New York CIty School Chancellor Carmen Farina talking to a student.

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