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Something Outsiders Will Never Understand

There are certain attitudes and actions true unionists take that others will never truly understand

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Jun 23, 2017

I used to hate golf outings. I suck at golf and in a sociopathic way I dislike good golfers. In the past I felt that golf is an old, rich, white man's game and if you're good at golf then you're shitty at other things like doing your job. This childish attitude may be true for some, but obviously this perspective lacks merit. Maybe I'm just projecting negative energies onto others because I can't keep my ball in the fairway. I am finding out that as I get older, fatter and slower, I am becoming a better golfer and I am enjoying the sport more. How's that for irony.

I was recently at a golf outing for the Communications Workers of America. I had fun, was in good company, and shot for par at a few holes. At the end during dinner, the President of the Local raffled off donated gift items, and I sat there sun burnt and happy eagerly waiting for the big one - the 50/50! The pot came to like $1,500. I didn't win, one of the linemen did, but instead of keeping it for himself, he gave his winnings directly to a guy he barely knew. You see, a Shop Steward was fired by Verizon for "Strike Activity" over a year ago and his life has been turned upside down ever since. I had a chance to talk with him about the things he is doing to make ends meet. I felt for him and I'm optimistic that he will get reinstated with back-pay and justice will be served. I witnessed the ultimate form of brotherhood and solidarity at this golf outing. I wish you all could've seen the look on the fired members' face and heard the thunderous applause when the President announced that the 50/50 was going to him. It was amazing and I got goose bumps; it made me proud to be part of something bigger than myself. Selfish individuals like our employers, the politicians they bought, and scumbag managers - they would've kept that $1,500. I was glad to have witnessed that generosity and because I did, my faith in unionism has once again been reinforced as has has my likeness towards the game of golf, a game I once hated but have grown to love because good people do exist.

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