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Plainedge High School

Teacher Miss You Videos Go Viral

School may be suspended, but teachers are still missing their students

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Apr 07, 2020

In New York, schools have been closed for three weeks and both teachers and students' lives have been upended. While this crisis is scary for adults, it is even scarier for their students. To reassure these students and to let them know that they are still thinking about them, teachers have begun making videos to let their students know they miss them.

In the Plainedge School District High School staff and administrators sent in photos of them in their home offices letting students know that they missed them. The idea was spawned by Health teacher Jacqueline Stevens, who led the effort to collect photos from her fellow teachers.  The photos were then turned into a video by Kevin White and Joe Lombino, who run Plainedge TV and teach the school's video production class. It was then posted on Facebook where in just the first 48 hours, the video had been viewed over 10,000 times, a huge number considering that the high school only has about 1,000 students.

“For most educators, teaching is about a lot more than just going to work,” said Plainedge Federation of Teachers (PFT) President Perry Fuchs. “Our students become a part of our family and we sincerely miss seeing them on a daily basis.”

Check out Plainedge’s video here.

In neighboring Farmingdale, the district's teacher’s union, the Farmingdale Federation of Teachers (FFT), organized a similar video. Their video set to the High School Musical hit “We Are All in This Together” featured pictures of teachers from across the district.

“Many teachers were wanting to make a personal connection to their students and truly express that they missed seeing them during this difficult time of school closure,” said FFT President Cordelia Anthony. “So the idea was to have teachers send in pictures with and without messages to students to remind them how much we care.”


While teachers often face attacks, these teachers are showing the leaders that they are. As many parents are finding out, educating children is a difficult job and even when teachers aren’t in the classroom with their students they are still thinking about them and finding new ways to educate and engage with their students.


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