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Shaun King

Trump's 'Merica

News from social media report instant acts of violence inspired by Trump's America

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Nov 10, 2016

In the 24 hours since the election of Donald Trump, the bigots and racists have shown the world some of the worst parts of our country.  Parts that many of us hoped were in the past, came roaring back.  Sadly, these incidents were not limited to the South and they did not happen in the backwoods.  Instead, they happened in major cities like New York, on college campuses and even in our elementary, middle and high schools. Labor unions have always been an instrument for change. Union members marched side by side with Dr. King, because they had faced the same struggle. Below we have included some of the most egregious attacks that have been published so far. WARNING: Some of these stories and images may be graphic and disturbing.

This story was not on the way to school in a Southern State, but rather to a Catholic School in New York City.

For more of these incidents, click here and here.

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