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UCOMM Radio: UAW's new way to organize

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Oct 11, 2014

Making his in-studio debut is UCOMM Intern Haffa-Day Dowd gives us his Haffa-Day Dowd Union News Minute. The Philly Teachers are fighting their district as Philly schools are looking to cancel their union contract - we will be getting them on the horn to discuss this very hot and dangerous issue. Brian Schneck from your United Auto Workers will be calling-in to discuss a new way of organizing with Local 112 at a Mercedes Benz plant in Alabama. We can grab some audio from the Transport Workers Union Rally in Brooklyn - Patty Guidice and Jimmy Hyland are there as they battle greed at UK owned utility company National Grid. Plus as usual the UCOMM Radio Sports Report with JAMO - the Red Hot Albany minute with Glen Casey, the UCOMM News Network, this week in twitter and a few new alt rock tunes. Check out this weeks show.

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