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"You Have Given My Kids a Christmas"

Union movement comes together to adopt a IBEW Local 3 striking Spectrum family

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Dec 18, 2017

For the last 10 months, 1,800 families have been on strike at Spectrum. As the company refuses to budge on its demand for regressive givebacks, these families are facing an uncertain future this holiday season. As they fight to protect the Middle Class in New York City, their union brothers and sisters are stepping up to provide a Merry Christmas for all of the families.

The idea was started by Freddie McCourt, a member of Elevator Constructors Local 1, and was simple: adopt a Spectrum family that is in your neighborhood and help them out this holiday. In just the 48 hours since hundreds of building trades members have begun mobilizing to link up with local families. Members from all over the tri-state area began messaging Freddie, posting in a building trades group that they were willing to help and reaching out directly to Local 3 members. Some offered to buy gifts for the children or provide groceries for a Christmas feast, one member even offered to help pay some bills. The outpouring of support in just a few days has been amazing.

With so much support being provided, the building trades group is working hard to track down all 1,800 families. While some of the families may be proud and not asking for support, many in the union movement know that this is the least they can do to help them continue their fight and their struggle. If you are one of the families on strike, click here to get involved.

The best part is this hasn’t been the only action taken to help these families. Last week 3 clubs at IBEW Local 3, Latimer Club, Motorcycle Club and Sportsmen Club, held a toy drive, collecting over 500 toys as well as thousands of gift cards for the Spectrum members.

Actions like these are the true representation of the union brother and sisterhood. Many of these people have never met the families that they are helping, but they are willing to give simply because they are fellow union brothers or sisters. Below is a message from one of those striking members.

From the bottom of my heart, I can't thank you enough. Now you have given my kids a Christmas. I’m in tears. I can't believe the generosity from another union member I've never met before at the hardest time in my life. Thank you and good karma to you always. God bless, please let's stay in touch. In solidarity, I'll never forget what you have done for me. God bless.

If you want to help out or are a Spectrum family that has not yet been adopted, please click here. Or you can also make a donation to the Local 3 Strike Fund.

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