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Our Leaders in Albany Have a Choice

Kris LaGrange's picture
Mar 25, 2011

OUR LEADERS IN ALBANY HAVE A CHOICE... Give the wealthiest NYers a $5 billion tax cut? - or - Have working families make all the sacrifices? So why does New York State want to give a $5 billion tax cut to the wealthiest New Yorkers? To the same people who just got an $8 billion federal windfall from the extension of the Bush tax cuts. At a time when we are facing record unemployment in New York, we could lose close to an additional 77,000 jobs if all these budget cuts are enacted. We need a balanced approach to the state budget. One that includes choices we can be proud of rather than ones that hurt our children, the elderly and the disabled. A Better New York for All means help for all and sacrifice from all! Call your legislators TODAY! 877-255-9417 Tell them: No more tax cuts for the wealthiest New Yorkers! "A Better New York for All" means making decisions we can be proud of!"

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