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“They Rejected our Offer to End the Strike”

9 months into the IBEW Local 3 NYC Strike, Spectrum coldly rejects the Unions offers to end the Strike

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Dec 05, 2017

Since March 1,800 telecom professionals at Spectrum have been out on Strike fighting for a fair contract and their very survival. While the Local 3 bargaining team and union leadership continue to keep up morale and the pressure on this telecom giant, Charter/Spectrum refuses to negotiate a contract that doesn’t demand devastating givebacks from the workforce. This blatant act of disrespect comes at a time when the company has paid millions in executive compensation. This Trump era style of bargaining is being monitored by both labor and management across the country, indicating a sign of what’s to come.

On Monday, December 5th Local 3 and Charter met once again to try and hash out an agreement that would put the 1,800 members back to work. The timing would’ve been perfect with Christmas right around the corner.

Throughout the entire process, Local 3 has been reasonable.

In a phone call with Business Manager Chris Erikson on Monday morning, he told UCOMM that Local 3 came to the table ready to bargain, offering to reinstate the old contract for the next 28 months and forgo any wage increases.

This sensible plan would have gotten the employees back to work and given the union and the company two years to work out a new contract, all with no added cost to the company.

Spectrum refused to even entertain the offer and insisted that the union accept their last and final offer. This horrific offer included cuts to the employees’ medical and retirement benefits as well as a host of other demands that UCOMM has reported in the past.  While the union has shown willingness to budge during bargaining, the company has not. Instead, they have hired out of state scabs and replacement workers, allowing dangerous, sometimes armed and drugged people into customers’ homes

While 1,800 families struggle to pay their mortgages, some who are in danger of losing their homes during the holidays, Spectrum paid their CEO Thomas Rutledge $98 Million, making him the highest paid CEO in the country.

With the executives at Spectrum getting rich, with headlines dedicated to the White House, inappropriate behavior by powerful men and whatever sells newspapers, these striking telecom workers continue to struggle. Making ends meet, some have taken side work or odd jobs but that isn’t enough. UCOMM promoted a Strike Fund that the union set up and we once again encourage you to dig deep this Christmas and be generous. Walking the picket line day after day for nine months is no glamorous or easy task, and each day scabs get more and more comfortable.

This story is not good news by any means, but if you read between the lines, you know what to do. Do something. 

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