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7 Reasons Why AT&T is on Strike

These are the reasons why these 40,000 Mavens of Mobility said enough is enough

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May 19, 2017

Nearly 40,000 AT&T Mobility workers walked off the job at 3 PM on Friday to kick off a three-day strike.  When the CWA went on strike against Verizon last summer, only 36,000 witheld their labor, but that strike lasted seven long weeks. Below we have included the 7 reasons that the Communications Workers of America (CWA) are striking. Click here to find a picket line near you and come out and show your support.

  • AT&T is trying to pinch pennies by refusing wage increases to cover rising healthcare costs that the employees are facing
  • AT&T has been outsourcing thousands of jobs overseas and to low wage contractors, costing CWA members their jobs and hurting customer service
  • Retail workers take home pay has plummeted over the last year after the company changed their commission plan
  • AT&T has eliminated 12,000 call center jobs in the United States, sending them to 38 third party call centers in 8 states
  • AT&T Mobility is facing charges before the National Labor Relations Board for refusing to provide the CWA with information that is important to bargaining like how many calls are being outsourced
  • AT&T Wireline workers in California and Nevada have been without a contract for over a year now
  • DIRECTV technicians in California and Nevada and AT&T East 911 dispatchers are still waiting on their first contract for over a year since they democratically chose to become members of the CWA

This strike will be the first strike for AT&T Mobility employees and will represent the largest retail worker strike in United States history.  It will also include some AT&T line workers in California and Nevada as well as DIRECTV techs.  The strike is scheduled to run from Friday until Monday.  To find a strike location and join the AT&T employees on the picket line click here.

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