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AFL-CIO: Show Me the Money!

Trump's Tax Plan is backfiring, and union members at AT&T want to know where the tax savings are really going

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by AFL-CIO on
Apr 23, 2018

Lawmakers told us companies will use money from their recently passed tax cuts to give working people a raise and create more jobs. Now, several of the biggest unions are calling on big companies to release information about how they are using that money so that working people can ensure we are bargaining for a fair share.

Sign the Letter below to demand companies disclose tax cut information.

To: AT&T
From: [Your Name]

The tax plan was sold to the American people as a way to give working people a raise and create more jobs. Unions can ensure that fair collective bargaining agreements are being made if they know how much these companies expect to receive and the portion of corporate tax cuts being used to create jobs and raise wages. I urge you to disclose the tax cut information requested by union members.

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