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Amazon Driver Quits Mid Shift on Twitter

He quit saying the low pay wasn't worth the risk the company is asking him to take

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Jul 02, 2020

Working for Amazon has always been bad, but in recent months it seems to have gotten even worse. UCOMM previously reported about walkouts at warehouses, like in Staten Island, NY, over the company’s refusal to protect their workers. Now a video is going viral from an Amazon driver who took to Twitter to quit his job, saying his job and mental health wasn't worth the measly $15.50 an hour he was getting paid.

Derick Lancaster, a 22-year-old driver in Detroit, made the video on Monday saying that he was quitting his job and leaving the van at a local gas station. According to Lancaster, the straw that broke the camels back was being forced to miss part of his sister’s graduation party due to work. He said there is constant pressure to deliver more packages — and to do it faster. You can watch his video below.

Although he left the van running with the keys in the ignition, Lancaster said a few hours later he returned to the van and waited until someone from Amazon came to pick it up.

As COVID-19 cases spread across the country over the last four months, many stores have been closed. This has led to a spike in orders, with the company describing it as "a month’s worth of Black Friday spending." According to Bloomberg, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has made $35 billion off of the huge surge in demand for Amazon.

While the company has bought ads projecting a rosy and friendly workplace, just as they began hiring 175,000 workers to keep up with the demand, Lancaster’s experience is just another example of the company’s failure to take care of their workers during the pandemic.


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