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Amazon Hiring Two Full-Time Unionbusters

The company is looking for intelligence officers to spy on workers who are organizing

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Sep 02, 2020

Just weeks after Lowes put up a job posting for a staff union buster, Amazon is now following suit. In a job posting the company announced they were looking to hire two Intelligence analysts to track labor organizing threats.

The post, which has since been taken down by the company, said they were looking for an analyst who can keep an eye on sensitive and confidential topics “including labor organizing threats against the company.” The positions would be part of Amazon’s Global Security Operations (GSO) Global Intelligence Program (GIP).

In the job posting, the company lists threats that the position might need to deal with. These threats include “hate groups, policy initiatives, geopolitical issues, terrorism, law enforcement, and organized labor.” The job listing also says that:

“Analysts must be capable of engaging and informing L7+ ER Principals (attorney stakeholders) on sensitive topics that are highly confidential, including labor organizing threats against the company, establish and track funding and activities connected to corporate campaigns (internal and external) against Amazon, and provide sophisticated analysis on these topics”

Amazon has had numerous issues with workers organizing.  Earlier this year the company fired Chris Smalls after he led a walkout at the company’s Staten Island warehouse over COVID-19 safety issues. According to VICE, the posting had been up since January and 71 people had applied for the intelligence position, with 24 people applying to be Sr. Intelligence officers.

While this position does have other responsibilities, it is clear that Amazon is very concerned about a possible organizing effort. As one of the largest companies in the world, they are a prime target. Their business model of setting up warehouses across the country also forces them to be in strong union areas like New York City, somewhere that other non-union employers like Walmart have avoided.

It is also interesting timing for both Lowes and Amazon to be looking for union-busters right now. This could mean that the two companies see themselves as vulnerable due to their lack of protection for workers during the pandemic. Most Lowes stores stayed open and Amazon reported profits at a time when most companies were barely surviving. COVID-19 showed many companies' true colors and Lowes and Amazon may be nervous that their true colors will not be liked by their workforce.

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