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Amazon Workers Strike on Prime Day

The Teamsters and the AFL-CIO offer their support for striking Amazon workers

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Jul 15, 2019

Teamsters across North America stand in solidarity with the Amazon fulfillment workers striking in Minnesota. Similar to workers moving Amazon goods, many of our 1.4 million members pick and stow product in warehouses, drive trucks, and deliver packages and have fought for decades to win better working conditions, respect, and a voice on the job. This fight is ongoing. Amazon workers in Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, France and the United Kingdom have also engaged in numerous protests, strikes, or other activities to demand their rights and as Teamsters we support this growing worker-led movement.

Every worker deserves safe reliable jobs, a voice in their workplace, and an environment free from retaliation when they speak out. We commend you for taking this brave step. Rich corporations like Amazon may have billions of dollars but as workers, our greatest power is solidarity. Any workers, whether union or non-union, who decide to engage in collective action to better their working conditions and their lives, have a friend in and the support of the Teamsters.

Below is a message from AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Schuler:



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