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Another Trump Con: 216 Carrier Workers Lose Jobs in Indiana

Carrier Workers regret voting for Trump as they head to work for the last time

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Jan 11, 2018

During the campaign, Trump promised a tough approach to companies sending jobs overseas. One such company that caught his ire was Carrier. They were planning on closing a factory in Indiana and sending the jobs to Mexico. Then, just a year ago, Trump and Pence bribed Carrier to “keep” the jobs in Indiana by giving them massive tax cuts. While Trump claimed victory, 600 men and women were told that they would be losing their jobs. On Thursday, the final 215 employees were let go.

On Wednesday night, as the employees were preparing for their last day at Carrier, they met at Sullys Bar and Grill across from the Carrier Plant. One of the employees attending the event was Renee Elliot, a divorced mother of two. At the event, Elliot said that she had voted for Trump, saying that she thought he would be their savior after making the plant’s closing an issue on the campaign trail. She also said that she bought into the Trump lie when he flew into Indiana to meet with Carrier executives following the campaign. On Wednesday she was singing a different tune about Trump saying “I believed Trump when he promised to save my job at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis. One Year after he took the oath of office, I’m about to lose my job- and I’m holding him accountable.”

While Trump claimed to have saved hundreds of jobs at Carrier, most were office jobs. People like Elliot say that those jobs were never really at risk of going overseas, only the manufacturing jobs, like hers, were. In the end Carrier, a company that made $3 Billion in profits in 2016, got Indiana and Trump to give them $8 Million in tax breaks to save a handful of jobs that they were never planning on moving.

Former United Steelworkers Local 1999 President Chuck Jones also spoke at the event and did not pull his punches.

 “I think everybody ought to respect the people that hold office,” he explained. “I think everybody ought to respect the president of the United States and the office he holds. But Donald Trump is a liar and an idiot. We’ve got some people here that voted for Donald Trump because of the promises that he made. All during the campaign, Donald Trump numerous times mentioned Carrier by name. If he was president, the Carrier jobs would not be leaving this country and people bought into it.”

 “Our wizard of an ex-governor, Mike Pence, thought it would be a wonderful idea if taxpayers of Indiana anted up $7 million to give to [Carrier] because they are keeping 730 jobs here in the state,” Jones noted. “Whether you guys realize it, some of your tax money is not going to schools and stuff like that, it’s going to a very profitable corporation… That’s wrong.”

Jones, who did not vote for Trump, asserted that the then-candidate “was full of shit when he was campaigning. He’s a pure and simple con man and I’m sorry people bought into his message. He sold us a bag of shit and now we’re stuck with it.”

The 215 employees will now file for unemployment and look for other work, while Carrier sends manufacturing jobs overseas and enjoys $8 Million in profits that they fleeced from Indiana taxpayers, all part of another Trump Con.

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