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Verizon Wireless Workers Rising

Brooklyn Verizon Wireless Workers Vote to Stick with their Union

The company sent their COO to try and convince wireless workers to decertify their union

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Aug 29, 2018

CWA Local 1109 and Verizon Wireless Workers in Brooklyn, NY scored a huge victory on August 23rd when they voted down an anti-union “decertification petition” and chose to keep CWA as their representative.  

The workers fought off an extremely aggressive anti-union campaign, which included daily one-on-one “captive audience” meetings with an anti-union consultant, letters from the Director of Human Resources, and visits by the Chief Operating Officer of the company.

Despite this intense intimidation, several workers wrote public statements supporting CWA while others made personal appeals through email to convince their coworkers to keep their union.

The Brooklyn workers first voted to join Local 1109 in 2014 and won a first contract in 2016 after joining landline workers on the 49-day strike against Verizon. As part of the recent Verizon contract extension, Wireless workers won improvements in their grievance procedure, a $900 ratification bonus, and increased say on scheduling.  

The company was counting on a decert in Brooklyn to stymie CWA’s progress in organizing Verizon Wireless. Now we have to escalate our efforts to bring all Wireless retail and call center workers into CWA.

Organizer and ex-VZW worker Colin Hull worked on this campaign along with Local 1109 BA Alex Camacho.

This post was written by CWA District 1

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