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Easter Agreement Ends Stop and Shop Strike

The late night agreement ends an 11 day strike that cost the company $20 million a day

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Apr 22, 2019

On Easter Sunday, 31,000 United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) got the good news that they were headed back to work on Monday morning after spending 11 days on strike.

The strike, which affected members who worked at the grocery store Stop and Shop in New England, and affected locals 328, 371, 1445, 1459, and 919. The strike, which occurred throughout a busy Easter/Passover shopping week cost Stop and Shop upwards of $20 million a day. Since customers refused to cross the picket lines at the 253 affected stores the increased supply of food, brought in for the busy holiday weekend went unused.

The strike was the largest private sector strike since Verizon workers went out on strike in 2016. It also attracted national attention with Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden coming to speak with the workers and joining them on the picket line. 

While details from the tentative agreement have not been released yet, the local unions seemed to declare victory in their statement to the press.

“Under this proposed contract, our members will be able to focus on continuing to help customers in our communities enjoy the best shopping experience possible and to keep Stop & Shop the number one grocery store in New England. The agreement preserves health care and retirement benefits provide wage increases, and maintains time-and-a-half pay on Sunday for current members.”

“Today is a powerful victory for the 31,000 hardworking men and women of Stop & Shop who courageously stood up to fight for what all New Englanders want – good jobs, affordable health care, a better wage, and to be treated right by the company they made a success.”

Stop and Shop workers returned to their stores on Monday and are expected to vote on the tentative agreement in the coming days.

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