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The Hypocrisy at Google

They censor UCOMM, fire sexists, and have all types of labor problems. WTF!

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Aug 09, 2017

Google has been in the news recently as one of their engineers was recently fired after he distributed a 10-page memo exploring gender differences and how they have led to the gender hiring gap in the tech field. The memo has drawn widespread uproar. In the following days, he was fired and is now filing a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), leading to more labor problems for Google.

In the memo, James Damore, former Google engineer spent 10 pages generalizing about the biological differences that cause women to not enter tech and engineering jobs. Some of the “evidence” that he cited were generalizations that “women don't tend to handle stress well and are more neurotic.” He also argued that men were just better at coding while women are more artistic, salaries are lower for women because they can’t negotiate, and that men go into tech because they can’t be more feminine. You can read the this ridiculously stupid Trump style 10-page rant memo here.

Following the release of the memo, Damore was fired and is now saying that he will appeal his firing to the NLRB. However, Damore might face a tough road towards winning his case. Many companies have significant leverage in making firing decisions based on comments that an employee makes, especially if the speech violates a company’s non-union make-it up as you go code of conduct. Google is arguing that his memo violates their code of conduct.

It seems that Damore was inspired to write the memo to “defend” the company against an investigation by the Department of Labor (DOL) for systemic wage discrimination. In a statement from the DOL the wage discrimination was determined to be quite extreme, even for the tech industry which already has a huge gender wage gap. Over the last few months, a spotlight has been shown on many Silicon Valley companies that are facing rampant sex discrimination issues and lawsuits. One such company, Uber, has recently dealt with female employees quitting over their treatment and their CEO being ousted for the male dominated culture. Recently, cafeteria workers at Facebook organized their union as well.

Damore also brought up the fact that he felt the company was censoring conservative voices.  Censorship has been a concern since the election, with employees at Google and other Silicon Valley tech firms talking about organizing. However, most workers are worried about censoring liberal voices not conservative blow hard assholes like James Damore. Since Trump, Google has also begun censoring advertisers.  As UCOMM previously reported Google has begun censoring ads, under the guise of stopping fake news, that attack Trump.

The Google Memo is getting so much attention because it exposes Google for what it really is. A non-union employer with poor labor relations and not the hipster playland they would like us all to believe. The reality is that the company has intentionally sought to silence the voices of women and liberals. The backlash and scrutiny from the memo may be what Silicon Valley needs to start cleaning up their act and meeting a standard that other Fortune 500 companies have met for years.

Oh and Google, we at UCOMM are still waiting on your answer as to why you think UCOMM digital ads are misleading. smh.

Pictured above is the ad that Google banned, why?

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