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I want UCOMM Walkie-Talkies for Christmas

Because UCOMM didn't trademark our old logo, some Indonesian manufacturer stole it and put it on their product

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by Kate Hogan on
Dec 22, 2017

Trademarks can be a tricky thing. If a company does not register their logo, it could be stolen by someone. Something like that recently happened to us at UCOMM. While we might be a communications and media company, there is another company that is trying to use our old brand logo to sell their own brand of walkie-talkies. 

A trademark is a symbol, word or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product. It can include company names, logos, slogans, and designs used to identify and distinguish a company’s goods in its trade. It can be a word, sign, or symbol that directly identifies the trademark owner. Popular trademarks are the golden arches of McDonald's, the mermaid of Starbucks, and the checkmark of Nike. Often times, you can recognize the company directly from its logo, even without seeing its name. So when you see UCOMM in bright red letters, we would hope that you think of a communications company.

However, there are people in Indonesia that associate UCOMM with walkie-talkies. They kept our same red UCOMM lettering, with a spinning globe in replace of an O. Where our logo once read, “Union Communications Consulting Service,” their same black box now reads, “amateur two-way radio”. Their most popular product is the walkie-talkies, which are sold on an Indonesian website called Bukalapak. They retail somewhere between 500.000 to 750.000 Indian Rupee, which roughly converts to somewhere between 7 to 10 US dollars. Other products include an FM radio transmitters, mini-transmitters, and headsets. They seem to be a highly recommended seller in Indonesia. If you are interested in buying one of these radios in the United States, you can check out Deal Extreme, which retails them for around $22.

Thankfully, the company is not trying to portray itself as us in any way. They are just selling radios in another country. Now the questions is, who is the better UCOMM? (The correct answer? This one.)

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