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If it's good for the goose, then it's good for Peretti

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Aug 22, 2015

The last few months have seen tremendous victories in organizing online news sites, but one of the most popular sites is still trying to fight an organizing effort. Last week, Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti warned his staff against bringing in a union saying "I think unions have had a positive impact on a lot of places, like if you're working on an assembly line, and if you're negotiating with management it can make a huge difference, particularly when labor is more replaceable," Peretti said on Thursday, according to a BuzzFeed report with his remarks. "For a flexible, dynamic company, it isn't something [that] I think would be great for the company." Unlike CEO's at other liberal online media sources who chose to accept their employees desire to organize, Peretti seems ready to fight his staff on this decision, but as Justin Molito, director of organizing at Writers Guild of America reminds us, "It is not up to the CEO of a company whether or not staff join together to form a union. It really is a choice for the staff to make and frankly the respectful thing for a CEO to do is to stay out of that decision and allow for democracy to extend to the workplace without interference." Peretti is the co-founder of the Huffington Post and one ugly looking dude. 


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