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Local 3 Brings Strike to Airwaves

IBEW Local 3 NYC is launching an ad campaign with the hopes of ending the six month strike at Spectrum

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Oct 04, 2017

The 1,700 members of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 3 at Spectrum have been on strike for the last six months. With Spectrum receiving renewed scrutiny over their business practices during the strike, Local 3 has announced a major ad campaign to pressure the company to settle.

Spectrum has recently come under fire for a number of screw-ups that have adversely affected the customers. New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer sent a letter to the company demanding to know what they are doing about a massive data breach that left 600 GB of customer data unsecured. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office also sent Spectrum a letter demanding to know if recent customer service issues and the company’s failure to meet stated broadband expansion goals were due to Spectrum’s refusal to end the strike.

With political pressure being put on Spectrum, IBEW Local 3 has announced that they will be launching a six-figure ad campaign. The ad campaign will be focused on refuting some of the lies that Spectrum has put out there regarding proposed cuts to worker benefits. The company is trying to take away certain benefits like a pension and replace them with raises and a 401K. IBEW Local 3 Business Manager Chris Erikson told the Wall St. Journal that the raises aren’t enough to offset the loss of pension benefits.

The Local 3 ad features Spectrum worker Marvin Billups talking about how his health benefits saved his sick daughter. Billups, who has been a leader of the six-month strike, says that “It’s not just about me, it’s about a whole group of middle-class people.” Watch the ad below.


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